Best compact deep fryer Presto 05470

Most buyers initially hesitated between a large fryer and a small fryer like the Presto. But two main features attracted them to the latter choice: ease of transport and ease of installation. They loved the light weight of the appliance, which can be carried anywhere for ease of use. Plus, because the unit requires very little oil, you can also heat food and fry it to an optimal temperature very quickly.

The adjustable thermostat is ideal because it allows you to choose your desired temperature from a range of options. It also allows you to keep the temperature below the smoke point of your particular oil. In addition, with this appliance, you also have a handy indicator light that tells you when the food is crisp and golden brown.

But the feature that really struck us was the excellent interior of this compact model. This model uses anodized aluminum that offers quick heating. Its exterior, however, is made of stainless steel which offers great durability. The combination of these two construction materials adds to the appeal of the unit.

This model is so small and light that you won’t need to put it in a dishwasher anyway. The entire cleaning process will take less than a minute, and the durable body will ensure that no excess food gets stuck on the sides. The model also offers a smooth aluminum interior that keeps most odors at bay. All of this guarantees efficiency, even in a small appliance.

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