Great air fryer oven. The best tool in my house.

I think the best thing about this oven is that it doesn’t turn my kitchen into a heat hell like my traditional oven does. Yes, it heats up while the food is cooking, but afterwards, it cools right down. I made baked potatoes with this oven last night, they were PERFECT and my kitchen cooled down by the time I put butter in them and put them on the table. It does a great job on bacon, and I roasted a chicken and a stuffed pork roast. The shish was a little difficult for me at first, until I figured out how to fix it, but after that, the teriyaki skewers were great. I made bacon wrapped hot dogs for LA street dogs and Chinese lemon chicken.

Customers are very happy with this appliance because it cooks food faster than similar appliances on the market. It can make raspberry chipotle chicken, garlic bread, toast, popcorn and stuffed chicken breasts. Users appreciate the fact that it comes with all the necessary accessories and an impressive recipe book. All of these accessories and add-ons come at a reasonable price, which adds great value to the buyer’s money.

If you still haven’t found the perfect deep fryer that fits your budget, this GoWISE model is the answer. This appliance has fifteen presets and a capacity of 12.7 quarts, which will make dinner for an average family without much hassle.

In addition, it offers a built-in rotisserie that can be used to make chicken, kabobs, filets and more. It has three racks, which allows for faster cooking and good storage capacity.

It also comes with accessories like roasting pan, tongs, rod, skewer, broiler pan, cage and oven rack etc. The additional availability of the recipe book is very impressive. This book contains recipes suitable for the air fryer to help you get started.

To conclude, this model will be ideal for large gatherings and cooking multiple types of food simultaneously. You can prepare a sumptuous dinner for any occasion since it performs fifteen different tasks. It is also economical, which means that even beginners can invest in this appliance.

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