Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer (35033)

Oil capacity – The oil capacity of this fryer is 2.8 liters. There are fryers with capacities of about 1 liter and 4.5 liters, so this model is pretty much right in the middle. It can still cook a lot of food, so the size should be enough for most occasions.

Magnetic Plug A standard feature of most deep fryers is a breakaway magnetic power cord. This is standard for safety reasons. You can’t have hot oil boiling in a pot and accidentally pull the cord and tip the fryer over. Burning oil is extremely dangerous. So if you’re looking for an air fryer without this feature, good luck.

Removable Parts – As mentioned earlier, you get a base, oil pot, lid, and basket. You even get a removable heating element, which means you can clean everything except the heating element in the dishwasher. However, you can also put all the parts (without the heating element) in the sink and wash them by hand with a soapy sponge.

Digital Timer- Although the display isn’t very impressive, Hamilton Beach took the time to include a digital timer with audible signals so you can keep track of your cooking times. This doesn’t make the fryer a great value, but it could be beneficial if you’re really bad at keeping track of time.

Temp Scale- This is a typical scale that ranges from 0 to 375° F. It’s a very easy way to keep track of your cooking times. However, there aren’t many numbers on the scale, so if you’re aiming for a specific number, expect to get a few digits wrong here or there.

Lid – The lid is made of stainless steel and has a handle with a cool grip. There is a venting system that helps catch some of the steam, although it works better if you buy a filter to put it in. It seems a little odd and cheap for Hamilton Beach to not supply while in a place specifically for one.

1500 Watts- With a power of 1500 watts, the Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer has a lot of power. Deep fryers usually range from 1000 to 1800, so the larger the fryer, the more power is needed. Considering the 2.8 liter capacity, the heat output is probably similar to other models of the same size and price.


Before choosing a product, you should read reviews from recent buyers. These people have first-hand experience using the product. With this Hamilton device, buyers have had no complaints so far. They are quite satisfied with the automatic timer that it offers. According to them, this allows for better accuracy.

The submerged heating element provides quick heating, but that’s just one of the many benefits of investing in this unit. It has a separate knob for setting temperatures. This keeps in mind that different foods need to be cooked to different temperatures. The appliance also has an indicator light that shows when the food is finished cooking.

Efficiency is another feature that makes this appliance stand out. You get a smooth and safe cord that makes the assembly process easier. In addition, the professional design boasts of excellent durability. You’ll also find that all of the accessories are truly reliable.

Precision and accuracy are both achieved when you invest in this model. It’s not a very large appliance, so you shouldn’t expect it to be used for large gatherings. However, it does ensure that the food you cook for your little family is tender and crisp. So, if you want good results without spending a lot, this is the model for you.

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